Kidrobot x East 3: E3 Mugsy

East3 x Kid Robot collaboration: The 'E3 Mugsy' vinyl figure was released in May 2008 at the grand opening of the new flagship store in Soho New York City. This project started in July 2007 and it took 6 months to complete from the conception, process and the final approval stages. E3 was given complete creative control over all the stages of the figure as well as the box design. The 'E3 Mugsy' was distributed worldwide to all the top Vinyl toy and Fashion boutiques globally and sold out within a months time. In 2011 Paul Budnitz (founder of Kid Robot) released a book titled 'I am Plastic Too' which features all the top vinyl figure designer from across the globe which includes East3's 'E3 Mugsy'.

This video covers the grand opening of the Kid Robot Store and the release date and signing of East 3′s vinyl figure the ‘E3 Mugsy’ forward to 3:02 of this video to see East3 signing the Kid Robot x East 3 collaboration figure May 2nd 2008 in Soho New York City