Yūsha Raidīn Pyroglyphiks

2012 Pyroglyphiks style piece by East3 in tribute to the all powerful protector of MU 勇者ライディーン aka Yūsha Raidīn.

This production is a tribute to the 70′s Japanese superhero named 勇者ライディーン aka Yūsha Raidīn.  I chose this character (out of many Japanese superheroes) because of the uniqueness of the robots history and how it oddly converges with the ancient land of MU in which I have been studying for sometime.  This Pyroglyphik (complex letter style) style Piece was rendered in the colorway of Raidīn and is part of a tribute series to all my childhood superheroes.  More to come!

Land of Mu-east3

Raidīn, the giant robot-like protector of the lost continent of Mu, senses the evil presence and awakens within its golden pyramid. A young Japanese boy, Akira Hibiki, is alerted about the Demon Empire by a mysterious voice and rushes to the pyramid. It is soon revealed that Akira is a descendant of the ancient people of Mu who must help Raidīn save the Earth.

2012 pyroglyphiks sketch by east3

2012 pyroglyphiks outline by east3


2012-Raidin-Raideen-pyroglyphiks-tribute-production by east3


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