This week we completed our third ocean-themed, anti-meth mural at Kealakehe Elementary. When we arrived on this charming campus overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the custodians had already painted our assigned wall blue. They also created a rectangular workspace, in front of the wall, with a bright, orange plastic fence. The fence kept everyone safe and did not prevent us from achieving the high-level of engagement we strive for at every school that invites us to create a mural. While we painted, a healthy Hawaiian sea world manifested itself right before our eyes. We are very pleased that so many of our new friends were so intrigued by our method and mission. Although we did not organize a formal workshop here, we constantly engaged with students during their playtime and afterschool program called A+. The Kealakehe Elementary community touched our hearts and we can only hope we were able to do the same!

Kealakehe Elementary is located at about the 500-foot elevation on the slopes of Hualalai Mountain, a five-minute drive from downtown Kailua-Kona. The student body is just over 1,000 students and the wall we painted was 9 feet high by 25 feet wide. Our team of six artists used approximately 50 Montana 94 aerosol cans and the anti-meth message can now be seen from various vantage points on the campus.

Many thanks to Joe “Joski” Baxter, Michael “Reptank” Sato, Jason “Mase” Madeiros, Trysen “Tkay” Kaneshige, Jonah Baxter, Aranzazu “Atres” Ascunce, Floorox, Principal Nancy Matsukawa, Vice Principal Joe Hao, Hawaii Meth Project, Daddy Craig Kaneshige, King Kamehameha’s Courtyard Marriott, Mr. Jak Hu and our statewide sponsors.

Mahalo to Reptank  for documenting the mural process.  Check out his YouTube Channel: Rep Tank

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