One day, about 5yrs ago a friend and I were discussing life and he told me “Health is Wealth”. At first I didn’t grasp the concept. How can that be true? There are 1000’s of overweight and successful men and women worldwide that seemed happy and also have secured monetary wealth. Note, that time in my life I was spiritually disconnected. A few years later I experienced some life changing experiences and I was enlightened. I learned that living and loving are the most important aspects of being. Then it all fell into place and the quote that my friend shared with me made sense. I realized that wealth is measured by love and not by money. The more you enrich your life through taking care of yourself you are able to inspire others and when you are able to help others that is the point when you become wealthy. I’ve experienced more success in my life by taking care of myself and helping others in the process. #healthiswealth. 20140724-195213-71533338.jpg

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